BLESSED is a music project by Dmitry Polykov from Tel Aviv (known as singer in the israeli dark shamanic pop-band D.R.Y.) and Robin Wörn & Manuel Minniti of the synth wave-band ago from Stuttgart, Germany. After touring together in Israel, they did two short recording sessions at Mazkeka Studios Jerusalem in February 2019. As a result they came up with three tracks, which were released on 22nd October 2019 on the experimental label Raash Records from Jerusalem (raash, hebrew for „noise“). These three tracks, which are in english, russian and hebrew language, combine the engaging, calm and gloomy way of Polykovs voice with minimalistic, drifting rhythms and decent synth-melodies of ago.

BLESSED comes out on 7“ light blue vinyl.

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a — sun
b — luzifer

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all tracks written, produced and arranged by manuel minniti and robin wörn, co-produced with felix schäfer. mastering by moritz illner at duophonic.